Cat Ba Island

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Cat Ba IslandCat Ba IslandCat Ba IslandCat Ba Island


Cat Ba Island which includes 367 islands, located in the south of Halong. It has been recognized as the world biosphere reserve by UNESCO. Many tourists have to affirm that it is the most beautiful and romantic island when they come to the area.

Cat Ba Island includes 367 islands located in the south of Halong. It is about 30 kilometers far from the center of Haiphong and has been recognized by UNESCO as the world biosphere reserve. The area is approximately 300km2 and population in 2005 is 27.827 people.

Cat Ba Island has other small islands such as: Cat Ong Islet, Cat Duoi Islet, May Islet, Quai Xanh Islet and Tai Keo Islet… and also known as Ngoc Island, which is the biggest island of the total 1969 islands in Halong Bay. It is a beautiful and romantic island, which situated on 70 meters above the sea level.

Previously, the Island was belongs to Quang Yen province, then belongs to Hong Quang and in 1956 it was a part of Haiphong city.

Ca Ba Island is situated in the tropical monsoon, the ocean impacts on the average of temperature, humidity and rainfall. However, in the winter, it is not as cold as mainland and in the summer, it is absolutely cool.

The average temperature is about 25-280C. In May and June, the monsoon blows strongly. The heavy rain storms usually occur in July, August, and September.

Because of the limestone structure, Cat Ba is created by the heaven with spectacular views. The area of forest is more than 17300 hectares. In the jungle, there has the ancient varan Komodo and chamois.

Cat Ba beach has many shrimp, crabs…  Cat Ba National Park is regarded as a natural museum which preserves the divers vegetation and species of herbs. Cat Ba not only has the various herbs but also reserves the rare animals having in the Red List of Threatened Species.

Hundreds of odd mountains combine with mysterious caves, which create the wonderful views of Cat Ba. This island has many bays with smooth sand and sparkling coral colonies.

Cat Ba is a natural masterpiece of Vietnam. Cat Ba forest has many rare woods such as Lat Hoa, Kim Giao, Dinh and Goi Nep… Especially, there have over three dozen species of rare bird such as Eagles, Da Da, Cu Gay, and Nightingale… According to the latest survey of an international organization, the Cat Ba National Park has 200 the white headed langur.

Festival of the Cat Ba people likes festival of Kinh people in other areas; moreover, it has festival on April 1st to inaugurate touring season and "Den Ba" festival - one of the major festivals of the local people.

Having many spots for tourists such as: the road across Cat Ba Island, Cat Ba National Park, Trung Trang cave, Hung Son cave, Phu Long cave and the beaches such as: Cat Co I, Cat Co II, Cat Dua, Cat Ong, Duong Dan,

Cat Ba is an ideal place for visitors to swim, relax, take sunbathing and enjoy the fresh air blowing from the ocean.  At night, Cat Ba Island is more beautiful, sparkling than the day. Tourists have opportunities to sight views of beach and enjoy dried squid on the sidewalk.

In brief, Cat Ba Island is exciting spot for visitors. A journey to Cat Ba will help you soak into nature and forget the hard works, worries of day life.

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  • i arrived at the lodge in the late afternoon, as the wind swept through the mountains and the sky was stained the deep gray of approaching night. It was too late to go on an ambitious hike, so we opted for the “Waterfall Hike,” which was described as a picturesque 30-minute walk to see a nearby waterfall.
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  • I have been to Cat Ba several times, but i always found a new Cat Ba each time i am there. From the moment I start my trip at the boat pier i start feeling special. I admire the magnificent of the sceneries, i enjoyed the variety of activities from beach, bay cruising, canoeing, kayaking, trekking, biking, mountain climbing... I feel like home at the friendliness of the local. The local food is so fresh and delicious...
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  • Loved this place. Locals were very kind and not at all pushiy. Great accommodation, lots of activities, amazing scenery. Prices for food, accommodation, beer and pearls are the cheapest we found in Vietnam. Great for motorcycle touring, kayaking, climbing, swimming and site seeing. i will definitely be back!!!!
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  • Although it was a bit overcast and chilly, the island was a lovely and peaceful retreat for a few days. It's quiet, especially compared to the hustle and bustle of Hanoi, there's great seafood on offer in the restaurant, the island is beautiful and has some cool attractions (Cat Ba National Park, Cannon Fort and Hospital Cave, to name a few), and Lan Ha Bay is definitely worth coming to the island to take a boat tour around. You can take tours of Ha Long Bay out of Hanoi, but Lan Ha is less touristy and still stunning.
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  • Cat Ba island is great. Whether you're looking for hiking, kayaking, motor biking, day sailing, exploring historic sites, or just relaxing on the beach, there's a little something for everyone. It's a primary gateway to Halong Bay, and well worth spending a day or two on Cat Ba before you cruise Halong Bay.
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