Cat Ba National Park

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Cat Ba National ParkCat Ba National ParkCat Ba National Park

Cat Ba National Park. On the island, there has a tropical forest. This is a pristine forest that is one of the biggest national parks of Vietnam. The planned area is about 15.200 hectare. Cat Ba’s forest is recognized as national park from the date of May 23th 1983.

Cat Ba National Park has 20 mammal species, 69 bird species, 20 reptile species and amphibians. The rare animals such as: chamois, cao cat, kingfisher, bile, yellow monkey…

Besides, this island has “yen” birds, turtle, which is preserved. The vegetation in the temporary table has 149 families, including 250 herbs. On this island, it has mangrove ecosystems; in the limestone, there has lakes, streams, groundwater, mineral water, which have ability to treat disease, especially rheumatoid arthritis.

Cat Ba Islands has been recognized as the World biosphere reserve given in the conference of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Vietnam in cooperation with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) held in Hanoi.

At the meeting of the council to coordinate programs about people and the biosphere held in Paris on October 29th 2004, the organizers said that UNESCO had formally recognized the Cat Ba is the World biosphere Reserve.

With this decision, Vietnam has 4 biosphere reserve recognized by UNESCO, there are: Can Gio mangrove biosphere, the Cat Tien Biosphere Reserve, the Red River Delta biosphere Reserve and the the Cat Ba Biosphere Reserve.

Coming to the Cat Ba national park, tourists can try experiencing the feeling of walking in the forest, biking and immersing in nature in order to see rare animals. In addition, visitors will also taste natural produce such as: wild honey, pink tea…

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