Things to eat in Hue

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Things to eat in HueThings to eat in HueThings to eat in HueThings to eat in HueThings to eat in HueThings to eat in Hue

Hue food.  In the palace, the organization of dishes in each meal becomes nutritious dishes; just treatment is the responsibility of Thai Y vien. Gia Long King recognized as the king had the most casual dining. He had never drunk wine; the meals also had a little meat, fish, rice, vegetable and fruit.

When the king enjoys the meal, nobody can sit with. Some dishes are applied to Hue songs such as: nem cong, thau tho, xoi vo, nham bo, trung gal on, khum let, xao luon, bo so trau, chien cua gach, ham cau, cao lau, kho tau, thit quay, chao hai sam… Hue also has “An Cuu rice” for King. In addition to the dishes cooking from raw materials in market, some specialties paid tribute. In the North, there has Logan from Hung Yen.

Traditional cuisine
Hue traditional cuisine and Hue royal cuisine has similarities because the royal chefs also came from the folk. Besides the general characteristics of the Vietnamese cuisine

Hue cuisine brings different characteristics. Firstly, each meal includes fish, meat, vegetables… Second, it has art; the tray is always arranged carefully and coordinated the color of dishes in order to appeal customers.

Thirdly, it has collective, all dishes are all presented in the tray. Fourthly, is has delicate and delicious, even vegetarian dishes and so as to attract guests, the Hue often named dishes with exuberant names.

Hue has about 108 temples and more than 300 Buddha recitation, the Hue is mainly Buddhist. They often have vegetarian diet. Hue is the ancient capital, annual year; the kings often have vegetarian diet so that the processing vegetarian must delicate. These are the reasons why Hue vegetarian has developed and preserved until now. The dishes are made with raw materials such as: rice, cassava, sweet potato and some kinds of vegetables.

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