Travel to Ba Na Hills Danang Vietnam

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Travel to Ba Na Hills Danang VietnamTravel to Ba Na Hills Danang VietnamTravel to Ba Na Hills Danang Vietnam

Travel to Ba Na - Chua Mountain tourist area belongs to Hoa Vang, Da Nang, it is far about 50 meters from the central city to the west. Located on the high of 1.487 meters above sea level, the temperature of this place is cool, the average temperature in the summer is about 180C, Ba Na - Chua Mountain is an ideal eco - tourism in the Central Vietnam.

In order to step into Ba Na top, tourists should pass through 15 kilometers. This terrain is considered as small highland. Tourists not only enjoy fresh air but also contemplate the beautiful scenery. In addition, tourists can also enjoy the large space of Da Nang city, Vung Thung bay, Son Tra peninsula, My Khe beach, Ngu Hanh Son, Thu Bon River, Cham Island.

Ba Na has various flora and fauna. In the old-growth forest, there includes 256 species of fauna, 61 species of animal, 178 species of birds and 17 species of reptile. The flora includes 543 species. Besides, Ba Na has many rare animals such as: Crested Argus, Asian Black Bear, northern buffed-cheeked gibbon…

In 1986, Ba Na was recognized as natural reserve area, in which tropical forest and rare animals are protected. At the beginning of the 20th century, in order to serve the French’s vacation in the Central Vietnam, many hotels, villas were built along mountain side, Nui Mountain and Ba Na hill. After the war, this place was destroyed. Da Nang has recently restored and remodeled some ancient French villas, Buddhistical cultural area, hotels, bars…

Here, the Da Nang often holds fire camp night to propagate mountainous specialties and help tourists discover this place. From Vong Nguyet hill, tourists will be taken to central area. This system includes 16 cabinets, which serve about 320 guests per hour.

Annual year, Ba Na welcomes thousands of tourists in the whole nation and other countries. One night in Ba Na, tourists can hear the breath of mountain and wild animal. Ba Na is an attractive destination when you come to Da Nang city. Coming to Ba Na, tourists will be travelled by telpher. Ba Na telphers were built base on standard of Austria technology.

With the total investment capital of 300 billion vietnam dong, Ba Na telpher has22 pillars, 94 cabinets and it can serve 1.5000 guests per hour and it just take about 15 minutes to go from the foot of Ba Na mountain to the Ba Na eco-tourism. According to the world telpher association, this Ba Na telpher system named in Guinness World Records. It is the world’s longest one-wire telpher network in the world (5,042.62m) and the telpher with the highest gap between the lowest and the highest stations (1,291.81m).

Ba Na telepher is an ideal destination. From here, tourists can enjoy the colorful picture as well as sparkling views. Sitting on the cabin, you will be contemplated the grandeur of mountain, rainfall, the old-growth forest… They will bring tourists the adventurous feeling as in the fairyland. Tourists will has wonderful experiences with four seasons within one day and has an abundant fauna and flora system.

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